Today’s union affiliated business partnerships are much different from the past. We at Cement Masons Local 500 understand that our contractor partners expect and demand a high quality, competent, and best-trained labor force. We understand that to meet those expectations in today’s business environment, we must respond appropriately as business partners. Unions are committed to providing high quality service while helping to deliver high value, efficiency, and greater business success1.

Cement Masons Local 500 contractors are among the most high profile, reputable, and successful contracting firms in the Southern California area. Our workforce represents some of the most highly trained and competent workers within the cement trade.Already interested? See the form below

A union affiliation can bring greater value to your business in several ways:

Recruitment and Benefit Administration

We handle all aspects of the costly labor recruitment process. Because we are a union, our members receive union benefits. Therefore, the cost of the benefits and the administration of them are our responsibility. This can also save you valuable administration fees.

Increased Levels of Productivity

We can deliver highly trained skilled labor that are expertly trained, pre-screened, drug tested, and supervised. Using our skilled, pre-screened, drug test, and trained labor force means that workers can directly contribute to greater productivity and, consequently, higher profits.

Elasticity of the Workforce

Again, this can directly contribute to your bottom line as your workforce can expand or contract to meet job and project needs. In addition, Local 500 has a network of offices throughout our area.

Training and Supervision

Trained skilled workers mean a more knowledgeable and competent workforce. Cement Masons Local 500 members receive ongoing training in apprenticeship, journeyperson, and other specific and job-specific training programs. Our union foremen function to help supervise and contribute to your business growth by providing a type of quality assurance.

Additional Business Development

Working with a union means that you have additional contracting and subcontracting opportunities available to you. In other words: more business potential. In short, Cement Masons Local 500 could bring you more opportunities for your company to grow.
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