About Us

Masonry is one of the world’s oldest and most notable trades. Over the ages cement masons have been honored by a legacy of treasured structures. Cement Masons Local 500 carries this pride forward through a union of professionals committed to the quality and integrity of their craft.

Quality Through Skilled Workmanship

The hallmark of the Union Cement Mason is his uncompromising respect for quality and attention to detail. A team spirit permeates the process from setting the form work, to laying the foundation, to finishing processes, to applying the final protective coatings. Workers understand that what they build must not only pass the tough scrutiny of their own supervisors, work-site inspectors and project coordinators… but also serve to reflect the pride of their trade for years to come.

Highly Competitive

Cement Masons Local 500 union labor not only delivers the best quality and production, but is also an extremely competitive workforce in terms of bottom line cost savings. Given the tax-deductible fringe package, the burden to the contractor of taxable wage driven cost (Workers’ Comp., Social Security, FICA, liability insurance, etc.) is significantly reduced. Additionally, with a Workers’ Comp. ADR program, apprentice utilization, combined with a well-trained workforce give the Union contractor an advantage in a very competitive market.

Becoming a Union Contractor

Requirements to become a Cement Masons contractor are straightforward and uncomplicated. The contractor must sign a master labor agreement stipulating that wages consistent with prevailing wage will be paid and the members’ benefits will be paid on a timely manner. All working rules and conditions are consistent with California labor laws, and all contractors doing business in California are bound to these laws.